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A pioneer in the digital art world, Justin Maller has been creating work at the juncture of avant garde and pop culture since the turn of the century.

Maller has had a celebrated career pushing the boundaries of the digital medium as an independent artist. Since founding seminal art collective Depthcore in 2002, he has created work for clients including Nike, Gatorade, The Grammys, Dolby, LG, Jordan and Under Armour. Building on this success, Maller’s groundbreaking, year-long project ‘Facets’ forged an iconic brand cemented in his trademark geometric approach. This style has had a visible and lasting influence on visual art practice around the world.

Whilst he doesn't especially enjoy writing in the third person, he would love to hear from you about any commercial projects you think would be suitable for him, so please don't hesitate to drop him a line.

Please note - as a professional artist Justin does not take unpaid requests.


Illustration & Campaign

Nike / Verizon / American Express / Gatorade / Directv / HP / Dolby / LG / Grammys / NBA / Coca-Cola / Harper Collins / Under Armour / Jordan Apparel / DC Shoe Co. / Universal Sony Pictures / Smirnoff / Martini / OWSLA / ESPN

Editorial & Features

Empty Magazine / Semipermanent / Acclaim / Computer Arts / Disney / Digital Arts / IDN / Desktop / Wall St Journal
Justin Maller photo